Here’s how to get on-demand access to African co-working spaces


Nigerian startup BuffrSpace is in the process of completing the development of its mobile application that offers remote and mobile workers on-demand access to co-working spaces across Africa.

BuffrSpace, which has product development teams in Lagos and Nairobi and is set for launch in a matter of weeks, aims to connect remote workers with co-working spaces that have empty desks using an on-demand application.

In emerging markets in Africa and Asia, between 15 and 20 per cent of the private workforce works remotely, with BuffrSpace co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) John Ojurabesa telling Disrupt Africa the platform was looking to provide startup founders, freelancers and consultants with a diverse choice of workspaces in different locations for them to choose from.

“We started out on this journey driven by the desire to contribute immensely to the “Future of Work” – which we believe is fluid, collaborative and technology-driven,” he said.

Requests on BuffrSpace are on-demand, meaning users can rent space for as short a time as one hour, or a month, or even a year. Ojurabesa said there was also a benefit for managers of co-working spaces, who will be able to use the platform to monetise underutilised resources and facilities without any additional expenditure.

“Our BuffrSpace platform automates the renting and booking process, ensuring a smooth experience as you engage with the BuffrSpace community,” he said.

Co-working spaces are, however, not ubiquitous, and often require a commute. With working from home unconducive for certain kinds of work and meetings, Ojurabesa said there are currently a large amount of remote workers working out of coffee shops or other public spaces, which is also not ideal.

On the other hand, there are a lot of entrepreneurs and businesses that have surplus space in their offices and buildings that is currently being underutilised, with these companies also able to take advantage of BuffrSpace to make some easy money out of surplus space through short-term leasing.

Mobile workers or professionals with the need for on-demand workspace can join BuffrSpace’s waitlist to be notified upon the launch of the platform, while businesses or individuals looking to list surplus space on the platform can do so here.

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