Assisted shopping platform VoomNow launched in Nigeria


Nigerian startup VoomNow has launched its assisted shopping platform that enables users to shop and pay for all kinds of international products and services from Nigeria.

Launched last month, VoomNow aims to assist Nigerians in purchasing international items that would previously have been out of reach as local credit and debit cards are often not accepted.

The startup also handles the delivery of any product being purchased from international stores, with founder Samuel Joseph telling Disrupt Africa his goal was to bridge the gap between the Nigerian shoppers and the purchase of international goods and services.

“60 per cent of Nigerians cannot shop from stores in the United States and the United Kingdom with their local credit and debit cards. VoomNow strives toward making an effortless payment service by assisting Nigerians to shop from these stores and get the product delivered to their doorstep in Nigeria,” he said.

In order to compete with companies like Mall4Africa and ShoptomyDoor, VoomNow has launched a number of user-friendly features, such as giving buyers seven days to pay before it proceeds with the deal. It provides notifications of delivery status, as well as round the clock online assistance.

“The turnout we currently have is welcoming. We receive information every day concerning our operations and the reviews of our service. We have had lots of interested customers who are yet to take up their first orders with VoomNow,” Joseph said.

“In the long run, we will be expanding our service by exporting locally made products from Nigeria to international markets where there is demand.”

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