Expert ReachOut welcomes world renowned oncologist Professor Ricky Sharma to the Medical Advisory Panel


Expert ReachOut is a startup connecting cancer patients in Africa through a virtual platform for expert advice with its network of oncologists in India, UK and USA.

London / 2/18/2019 Expert ReachOut today announces that it is welcoming Professor Ricky Sharma, Chair of Radiation Oncology at University College London and a Scientific Group Leader at the UCL Cancer Institute, to the Medical Advisory Board and to the ReachOut panel of oncologists. Professor Sharma is also an Honorary Consultant in Clinical Oncology at University College London Hospitals and the Royal Free Hospital, where he has a clinical practice in radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Professor Sharma graduated in medicine from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. He trained in general internal medicine, medical oncology and radiation oncology and completed a PhD on DNA damage repair. Prior to his current post, Professor Sharma was an Associate Professor and Scientific Group Leader at the University of Oxford, where he was an Honorary Consultant in Clinical Oncology. Professor Sharma is an international authority on the translation of radiobiology from the laboratory to the clinic and on the multi-modality treatment of cancer with precision radiotherapy. He leads multi-centre, international, randomised clinical trials that have changed clinical practice for patients with cancer.

Professor Sharma will advise on strategic direction, oversight and engagement of ReachOut’s relevant research programmes in Africa.

“Having devoted more than two decades of my career to cancer research and improving radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments for patients with cancer, my ambition is to make those cutting-edge cancer treatments available for patients in Africa.

“We are entering an exciting new era of precision therapy for cancer.  It is absolutely vital that Africa is included in our global plans for improving access to the most appropriate cancer treatments.

“Our goal is to ensure that every patient gets the correct treatment in the correct center at the correct time during their cancer journey.”

ReachOut co-founder, William Nmaju, added: “This is a really exciting development for ReachOut. We are delighted to have Professor Sharma join our advisory board. He is a renowned international figure in the research and innovation world.

“Cancer is an extremely complex condition which calls for complex multi-disciplinary solutions. ReachOut’s vision is to create an environment where despite limited resources; cancer patients in Africa are able to access the best possible care from experts in the field virtually and reduce the burden of health tourism.”

For the expected 100,000 new cancer patients per annum, Nigeria needs 420 radiation oncologists but presently there are only about 51 radiation oncologists according to several sources including WHO.

Benefits of collaboration with ReachOut

• From Patient’s perspective: Our platform enables consultation to be rendered to cancer patients in Africa from specialists in the top academic centers in UK, USA and India remotely. This will help reduce unnecessary health tourism. This will also enable them to make travel decisions after the consultation if their treatment demands them to travel.

• From Hospitals and other organisations: African hospitals/organisations can remotely make treatment and diagnostics decisions in conjunction with our network of leading surgeons, haematologists, radiologists and oncologists. The importance of multidisciplinary team (MDT) or tumour board in the management of oncology and haematology patients is well known for improving quality of care and patient outcomes. ReachOut is providing a platform for local clinicians to interact with ReachOut experts to gain expert advice and support in providing optimal patient care.

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