Disrupt Africa launched its data branch in January 2016, with the aim of measuring the development of the African tech and entrepreneurship space, and making it more transparent for all those interested in this thriving ecosystem.

Our team tracks a variety of themes, sectors and countries across the African tech entrepreneurship ecosystem, producing reports containing in-depth data and insightful analysis.

Here we provide a full listing of publications available:

Disrupt Africa African Tech Startups Funding Report 2015  [Released January 2016]

Disrupt Africa’s annual flagship report tracks funding flowing into Africa’s tech startups over the course of each year.  The 2015 edition contains data on investment activity in six countries, 10 sectors; highlighting key deals, measuring average deal sizes, and geographic trends. See more.

Disrupt Africa African Tech Startups Funding Report 2016  [Released January 2017]

The second edition of Disrupt Africa’s flagship report returns with data and analysis of fundraising by Africa’s tech startups across 2016.  Tracking activity in eight countries and nine sectors, this edition of the report adds data on acquisitions over the course of the year, as well as comparative analysis of the ecosystem from 2015 to 2016.  See more.

Finnovating for Africa 2017  [Released June 2017]

The Finnovating for Africa: Exploring the African Fintech Startup Ecosystem Report 2017 considers data compiled over two and a half years on fintech startups active in 20 countries across Africa. Covering nine sub-sectors, the report traces launches, funding, acquisitions, as well as bank and accelerator engagement. See more.

Finnovating for Africa 2017 & Full Startup List   [Released June 2017]

For those wishing to gain access to Disrupt Africa’s full database of fintech startups, this publication features both the Finnovating for Africa 2017 report, and an appendix containing the full dataset of 301 startups, by country and by sub-sector.  See more.