Johannesburg YouTube Content Creators Network launches today


The first “episode” of an initiative to create a Johannesburg based YouTube community is to take place this afternoon, with independent content creators invited to join the new YouTube Content Creators Network.

The event – dubbed “Episode 1: Content Generation and Technology”, will see guest speaker DuPreez Strauss speak on how to develop strong digital video content and the technologies which produce the highest quality content.

Not only does the event series hope to establish a community of independent content creators in Johannesburg, but plans are in place for a Multi Channel Network Incubator, which will host up to 15 members of the network.

According to the network’s founder Andrew Simelane – also founder of startup Blacknation -, YouTube holds massive potential for startups due to it’s scale of traction, as well as the company’s commitment to engaging with small businesses.

“The biggest attraction with YouTube is purely its traction and in recent months, the brand has shown independent content creators that it’s accessible. In addition, the ability to monetize our independently created content is a plus,” Simelane told Disrupt Africa.

“There’s a large room for start-up companies within the YouTube environment and the brand has shown tremendous support for small companies,” Simelane said.

“Proper accreditation such as being an Official YouTube Partner only requires consistency from the entrepreneur’s side and there are a lot of other opportunities once you’ve gained the status, i.e. invitation to YouTube Partner workshops, access to Partner information like YouTube Creators Academy and other Google products as well as services.”

Simelane says initiatives such as the YouTube Content Creators Network contribute to spurring collaboration between local content creators.

“The next step is establishing a Multi Channel Network which will help content creators monetize their platforms. We need to get to a point where the YouTube platform brings in proper revenue for content creators or start-ups.”

The first event of the Network takes place today from 4pm, and will be hosted by JoziHub.



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