Zambia’s Awesome Foundation offering US$600 grants


The Awesome Foundation is inviting submissions for two US$600 grants for Zambian entrepreneurs with “awesome” ideas which could propel the country’s growth.

A US$600 grant is made by the Foundation each month, however in December no grant was made, meaning that January will see funds go to two applicants.

The Foundation said it is looking for “moonshot ideas” – big ideas which could change the world, local ideas solving current on-the-ground problems, purposeful ideas – providing creative and responsible solutions to modern day challenges, and empowering ideas.

All applications should also be achievable, not just a great idea, the Foundation added.

Submissions are open until January 26, with applicants asked to provide a short plan on exactly how the grant money would be used to achieve the idea.

The Awesome Foundation is a global initiative which has chapters around the world, including in Kenya, Uganda and Zambia.

The Foundation distributes grants to project creators without claiming any ownership or stake in the project, with the funds collected from a group of “micro-trustees” who also choose which ideas should receive an award.



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