Moringa School opens applications for web development course


Kenyan coding academy Moringa School has opened applications for the second cohort of its 12-week intensive web development programme, with participants to graduate as junior mobile and web developers.

The full-time 12-week course sees students learn HTML and CSS, Java for Android, Ruby on Rails, UI/UX skills and business fundamentals, as well as completing a 2-week internship at a startup or company.

Moringa School will select 18 high-potential, pro-active candidates to join the cohort, who will be taught to learn to code from a world-class curriculum by top quality teachers and mentors.

“In order for ‘Silicon Savannah’ to live up to its name and hype, there needs to be strong tech talent, and that’s where Moringa School comes in,” Audrey Cheng of Moringa School told Disrupt Africa.

“It’s exciting, because we’re taking the flipped classroom model and teaching what some thought wouldn’t be possible: bringing a highly intensive bootcamp-styled code school to emerging markets. We’re driven by the human potential and believe deeply that when people put their heart and a growth mindset into learning how to code, they can come out as brilliant developers.”

At the end of each week of the course students are required to deliver a project based on their learning; which also means that graduates will have a portfolio of apps and websites at the end of the programme to support their subsequent job search.

While the cost of the programme US$2,000 per student, Moringa offers a deferment programme, whereby successful candidates can pay a portion of the fee up front according to their means, and repay the rest of the fee during or after the course.

“We’re focused on finding the right students, and not on accepting students who can pay the tuition. We’re confident that by choosing the right students, they will be able to find great jobs after the program and will be able to pay back the rest of the tuition easily,” Cheng said.

The programme begins on March 23, and those interested can apply online.


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  1. In this tech world there is a bright future in web development field and joining this course means your future is secure. We hope that this academy generate best quality web developers who can change your business idea into successful web applications.

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