iLab Liberia invites stakeholders to Revolution Project


Liberian tech incubator iLab, along with its partners Business Start-up Center (BSC) Monrovia and SPARK, has invited stakeholders to join the Liberia IT Revolution Project, a two-year initiative to boost the IT ecosystem in Liberia by nurturing and motivating startups.

iLab Liberia and its partners, with the support of Swedish International Development Aid (SIDA) and Mercy Corps, are looking to identify creative solutions in mobile and internet technologies, software and web development, and link them to market opportunities.

“The project strengthens the Liberian IT sector, creates a vibrant entrepreneurial culture amongst IT businesses and entrepreneurs, increases the growth potential for businesses,” iLab Liberia said.

The project aims to contribute to economic development and youth employment in Liberia by supporting small businesses in growing and generating new jobs and introducing the IT sector as an opportunity for entrepreneurship development in Liberia.

“The project targets existing IT businesses, university graduates and senior graduates, with a passion for entrepreneurship in technology,” iLab Liberia said.

“We are looking for participants that have the ambition and skills to energise the Liberian IT scene – businesses, non-profits and government.”

The project intends to hold events, training sessions and other activities in areas such as entrepreneurship development, business development, and technology skills.

“As Liberia continues to the road of recovery for economic stability, infrastructure, reforms and education, IT plays a pivotal role in transforming the culture towards a connected and innovative society – the IT services sector is vital across nearly all sectors of business,” iLab Liberia said.

Interested parties can register to receive further updates online.


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