SA startup launches WiFi monitoring software for network providers


South African startup Asimmetric today launched its WiFi monitoring tool, allowing WiFi providers to manage the user experience on their network.

Asimmetric’s solution sees bots connect to a WiFi network, and begin to use the internet imitating a human user. The software evaluates the user experience of the network in real time; alerting the provider to any issues, and providing analytics of any issues arising.

Co-founder Fouad Zreik says Asimmetric’s tool will save network providers time and money, by facilitating the identification and resolution of network problems.

“Today, there’s a disconnect between what WiFi providers think they’re offering and what users are actually experiencing. WiFi providers’ systems don’t see what their users see and they can’t detect many of the issues impacting users,” said Zreik.

“With our solution, providers can now manage their networks proactively. Engineers can see exactly what users are seeing. They can detect issues immediately and begin troubleshooting without having to visit a site—saving time and money.”

The startup says the solution is simple and easy to use, as such executives and engineers alike can monitor a network – with one South African provider already implementing the Asimmetric software, and the company in the process of recruiting other network operators.

“We’ve invested in building top-quality hardware and software. Our Bots include backup mobile connections so our clients can see what is happening at a site no matter what issues the site may be experiencing,” said David Wilson, chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder.

“We’re on a mission to improve broadband experience for users, while helping network providers to scale up rapidly, manage the complexity that comes with having multiple systems and vendors, and contain operating costs,” he said.

Asimmetric is currently working on its next roll-outs, software to help mobile and fixed-line providers, although a launch date for these has not been announced.

“Our goal is to be the independent authority on network user experience,” said Wilson.

Having received funding from Africa, the Middle East and Europe, the startup has the backing to quickly scale and launch new products.

“We’re fortunate to have investors who share our vision and have faith in the team we’ve assembled,” Wilson said.


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