Innovation in Africa survey seeks respondents


The African Innovation Foundation (AIF) is seeking input for its Innovation in Africa survey, aiming to better understand the innovation systems across the continent.

The survey is conducted in partnership with the African Institution of Technology, and the results will be used to compile a book on African innovation.

The research seeks to collect information on innovations and related  activities taking place across Africa, directly from those people involved in innovating and supporting innovation.  As such, one survey is directed at innovators, while a separate survey speaks to innovation enablers.

AIF said for the purpose of this survey, the innovators the foundation is reaching out to include businesses, startups (both formal and informal), and entrepreneurs who have products or services available on the market.

Innovation enablers are defined as governments, government agencies, schools, investors, think-tanks, and non-profits.

Research labs, technology hubs/accelerators and institutions could fall under either category, AIF said.

The surveys are available online, with responses welcomed until March 10.

The past month has seen a number of surveys launched, particularly in South Africa, aiming to collect data and input from entrepreneurs in Africa.

Disrupt Africa reported entrepreneurial training programme Seed Academy launched South Africa’s first startup survey in January, aimed at obtaining a picture of the country’s startup sector and the challenges it faces.

A second survey was launched shortly thereafter by South Africa’s Silicon Cape and the SiMODiSA Association, with the research looking to summarise the entrepreneurial community’s views for government stakeholders.



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