TizaaWorks online training, entrepreneurship portal launched in Ghana


Microsoft Ghana and the International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD) today announced the launch of the TizaaWorks online platform, aimed at improving youth employability and encouraging entrepreneurship in Ghana.

Citing World Bank statistics that 65 per cent of Ghana’s youth are unemployed, Microsoft said the online platform is aimed at providing the hard and soft skills training necessary to secure employment, as well as providing career guidance.

The platform will also offer support and resources to those interested in starting their own business.

“Technology can empower young people to make a vital contribution to their community and our world.  We hope that this platform serves as a bridge, connecting Ghana’s young people to the tools, resources and people they need to find the fulfilling careers they deserve,” said Brad Smith, general counsel and executive vice president of legal and corporate affairs at Microsoft.

The TizaaWorks platform will aggregate existing sources of employment information, e-content and support, and will ensure young people have access to the various learning and training organisations available.

Features of the platform will include a “plan your career” section providing career counselling, job market information and statistics; a training section featuring mentor matching, IT training, entrepreneurship, CV writing, soft skills courses; language teaching; and a job matching tool.

For entrepreneurs, the platform will offer startup training, funding tools, social entrepreneurship and freelance opportunities.

A community-based networking platform will also be available for users to share ideas and opportunities.

“The TizaaWorks platform is critical for expanding IICD’s impact in supporting Ghanaian youth in smart learning, working, and earning. Thanks to TizaaWorks, our programmes that build market-driven digital skills and help youth find employment and start their own IT-related businesses can reach out to a much wider audience, beyond our physical presence,” said Martine Koopman, Ghana country manager and global advisory services manager for IICD.

“With the current online platform, physical programs and the upcoming mobile version of TizaaWorks, any young person in Ghana will be able to access information and services enabling them to become more employable.”


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  1. Nelson Musotsi on

    Am very very glad with what African tech enterprenural scene is impacting to young lads arround Africa. Its such a great idear to the unemployed youths to get support and nessesary materials and training to.improve their enterprenuaral skills.
    Thanks to the project as it is going to hook-up lots of unemployed youths in the country.

    QUESTION: How does one get enrolled to this programm. Any qualification required.

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