SA’s Jump Software allows startups to outsource technical needs


South African “startup for startups” Jump Software has launched, allowing non-technical founders to outsource their technical needs in return for a revenue share or equity in their startup.

Launched by Lisa Lyhne and Ryan Britton, both of whom have built startups in their own right, Jump Software aims to allow startups to grow without wasting time and money on their technical needs in the event of founders not having the relevant skills.

The startup will assist in getting technical startups off the ground by offering a series of specialised, software-oriented services across a number of entrepreneurially-sensitive engagement models. Jump Software’s model will see partners pay to cover basic costs, with the building of the software representing Jump’s “investment” in its partners.

“We work with non-technical entrepreneurs who wish to exploit increasingly accessible technologies to launch new businesses. These are passionate and knowledgeable people who understand their industries and the opportunities within them, but lack a technology partner who can understand and expedite these ideas and turn them into a reality,” Lyhne told Disrupt Africa.

She said Jump Software felt there was a real need to allow non-technical entrepreneurs the opportunities to get their startups off the ground.

“It is a case of being around business for a long time and having a sense of how it works,” Lyhne said.

“I wouldn’t have left a stable job in a company I helped to found if I didn’t think there was a need.”

Jump Software is for the time being focused on Johannesburg, but Lyhne said there was definitely scope to expand across South Africa and into other African countries.

“Once we are established we can be more flexible. The thing about software is that if you’re flexible you can be anywhere,” she said.

“Most tech startups are started by techies. It isn’t only techies that have ideas, they just have the skills that can get them to the next level. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that would like to outsource the problem.”


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