Sw7 Showcase: Notafy


The Sw7 showcase profiles the emerging technology business that we believe will go big, or make a significant impact in the market. Notafy has been launched by Andrew Burns and Andrew Cook, who have also had significant success in the market with the customer survey product, Smoke CSS.

What it is

Notafy is a mobile communication platform that allows companies to completely remove their corporate SMS bill for customer communication.

Companies can now send instant messages to their customers (at no cost per message) in place of costly SMS communication. Customers also have the ability to control and categorise their messages in one application – no more messy SMS inboxes or receiving spam messages via SMS that you did not want.

Notafy is set to disrupt the corporate SMS industry the same way that WhatsApp did to the peer-to-peer SMS industry.

Why Notafy

Currently there is no other product like Notafy in the market. Notafy is already saving companies millions.

The Notafy solution ensures a customer will receive their message, even if they do not have Notafy installed.

Switching from your current SMS provider to Notafy is extremely simple, all that you need to do is point your message communication out the Notafy API instead of your current WASP or Network provider’s API and your saving begins immediately.

Tech stack

All Notafy applications – Blackberry, IOS and Android are all native applications, this approach was followed to ensure that all the phone’s native features can be accessed and used to improve the experience within the application.

What is the Secret Sauce?

Notafy is simple to use, customers love the functionality and business love the immediate savings.

Keith Jones of Sw7 said: “The team has a strong track record, the technology works and is scaling, and the benefits to the customer, from a point of cost saving and improved customer service are significant. Notafy has all the making of a great emerging markets success story.”

Andrew Cook, co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Notafy, says: “It was just a matter of time before solution like Notafy was developed – companies are tired of paying so much for corporate communication via mobile phones and customers of tired of the spam an inconvenience. We have had amazing traction with the product, from commercial launch in August last year we have already reached eight million messages per month”


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