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The Sw7 showcases profile the emerging technology business that we believe will go big, or make a significant impact in the market. MoPri has been developed by Craig Austin, who has successfully run Printsol for 12 years. Printsol specialises in distributing and customising print management software for the corporate market.     

What it is

MoPri is a mobile print platform, which allows customers to print from any web-enabled device (cell phone, laptop or tablet). Our customers are then able to release their print jobs on any MoPri enabled printer.

MoPri-enabled printers will be located in airports, hotels, restaurants and even in certain retail outlets, such as banks and cell phone stores.

MoPri customers will now be able to conveniently print anywhere, anytime.

More than 50 per cent of the workforce will be mobile within the next three years, so we believe that printers should follow the trend of taking printers to where people will work.

By doing this, MoPri will disrupt the traditional office automation business, which relies on selling printers/MFDs to a company, which only staff of that company can use.

Why MoPri

  1. One-off registration and a single account-to release prints at any MoPri location, it doesn’t change every time you want to print.
  2. You don’t have to select a printer, simply enter your username and password at the MoPri printer, and your prints will find you.
  3. There is no maintenance fee or ink costs – customers simply pay a cost-per-copy.
  4. It’s like having a printer in your pocket-you can now print/copy/scan whilst you having a coffee or waiting at the airport for your flight.
  5. Simple payment for print vouchers through the MoPri website.
  6. MoPri is hardware brand independent, so you can be assured even if your favorite hotel has a different brand of printer, to your favourite coffee shop, you can still use your MoPri account if the printers are MoPri enabled.
  7. Venues should be using MoPri to attract more customers into their location, by offering a print service as a value added service.

Tech stack

MoPri is a mobile print platform (like the Uber taxi service), so we handle the payment and print transactions. Provided the printer is MoPri enabled, customers will be able to release prints/copy or scan, irrespective of the brand of the printer/MFD.

What is the Secret Sauce?

By making the platform hardware independent, this will allow MoPri to secure many more locations, via various reseller channels.

We want to focus on the service we can provide at as many locations as possible, and allow locations to select their printer hardware brand of choice from their current suppliers.

Craig Austin, founder of MoPri, says: “I don’t believe that we will see a huge reduction in printing in the near future, what I do believe, is that where people print, and how they print will change. This will be in line with the trend that more business will take place outside the office, especially with the growth in the Co-office (Coffee Shop Office) trend. MoPri is positioned to address this need.”


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