Team Sun Shade Energy wins Negawatt Accra Challenge


Team Sun Shade Energy has won the Negawatt Accra Challenge after pitching at the final demo day last week, winning the place to represent Ghana at the Smart City Expo Congress in Barcelona.

Disrupt Africa reported earlier this month Ghanaian startups Sun Shade Energy and ASOR were set to take part in the country final of the global Negawatt Challenge, which focuses on energy efficiency and low carbon growth.

The two teams had previously completed a three-month accelerator, with the competition culminating in November at the Smart City World Expo Congress. Local African legs have also taken place in Kenya  and Tanzania.

During the local Ghanaian final at iSpace, the two teams each had six minutes to present their pitch, and the judges had 10 minutes to ask questions. Team Sun Shade Energy was chosen as the winner by the judges for its solar-panelled cooling system, which is designed to protect homes from excessive heat by blocking the sun’s rays and ultraviolet radiation.

Team ASOR presented their real-time SMS messaging of areas of town that experienced electricity cuts.

“Watching the progression of the ideas developed on Negawatt Weekend in March, the professional pitches and demos on the final demo day was incredible,” Alison Roadburg, programmes manager at iSpace, told Disrupt Africa.

“The final pitches were eloquently refined, and the demos were captivating.”


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