Ugandan entrepreneur launches on-demand freelancing service in US


Ugandan entrepreneur Ian Balina has launched Peer Hustle, an on-demand short-term jobs app for the sharing economy, in the United States (US).

Peer Hustle is a local on-demand peer-to-peer freelancer marketplace that connects regular people looking to quickly hire people for special skillsets with people specialised in those skillsets.

“The basic idea around Peer Hustle is that you have all these great local freelancers and regular citizens, with special skills and while more and more of them start to monetise their special skillsets, and become entrepreneurs, it’s still really difficult to start a freelance business,” said Balina.

“Sharing economy companies like Uber and AirBnB allow people to make extra money on the side, by sharing their cars and homes. Sharing economy companies are revolutionising their industries because of their ability to harness the power of the average Joe and Jane next door.”

 Balina said Peer Hustle wanted to make it easy for users to share and monetise their skillsets, making the short-term jobs hiring process more unified and streamlined, managed from beginning to end by freelancers and regular citizens.

“Businesses are already posting more than 3 million freelance jobs and conducting 100 million searches annually on online freelancer platforms. Yet, nothing innovative has been done for mobile, which is the future. Peer Hustle will make hiring local freelancers near-instant, and provide a disruptive platform for aspiring freelancers to run a full-fledged freelancing business on their phone,” said Balina.


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