Team Plugin wins Negawatt Nairobi Challenge


Team Plugin has won the Negawatt Nairobi Challenge after pitching at the final demo day, winning the chance to represent Kenya at the Smart City Expo Congress in Barcelona.

The World Bank’s Negawatt Challenge has been hosting innovation competitions in cities worldwide, including Nairobi, Accra and Dar es Salaam, focused on energy efficiency and low carbon use.

Disrupt Africa reported in June Plugin and Angaza were named winners of the Nairobi edition of the Negawatt Challenge and had proceeded to the acceleration phase, which focused on development and launch of their products.

Plugin has now won the overall event and will head to the Smart City World Expo Congress. Its solution Plugin Pulse aims to drive solar energy adoption and provide solar energy providers and energy data consumers with a myriad of energy usage data across different consumer groups, including households, organisations and factories.

Angaza’s solution looked to help energy consumers move from grid to solar, with its Smart Energy device allowing consumers to keep track of consumption and reduce monthly utility bills by optimally connecting different home appliances to different energy sources.

Disrupt Africa reported last month Team Sun Shade Energy had won the Negawatt Accra Challenge after pitching at the final demo day.


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