Nigeria’s ChopUp launches ebola education mobile game


Nigerian social gaming startup ChopUp has launched its new mobile game Ebola Strikeforce, which it claims is the first local game aimed at raising awareness about the ebola virus and preventive measures.

Launched in 2012, ChopUp builds locally relevant mobile games that allow users to interact based on in-game achievements.

Revenue is driven by in-app purchases, brand placements and advertisements, while the startup raised its first funding in December of last year, taking on US$100,000 from five investors.

ChopUp’s flagship game series Danfo has a userbase of over 700,000 gamers, and the startup has now added to its bouquet by launching Ebola Strikeforce.

The game – available on Android – tells the story of research scientists and doctors who discovered that they could develop the cure from a serum, which could only be extracted from patient X with the help of a nanobot.

Players takes control of the nanobot and journey through patient X’s body to extract the serum, which is then used to create a vaccine to cure infected people. While playing users unlock health tips that can be used to maintain good hygiene in real life.

“We were inspired to create this game after seeing thousands of precious lives lost innocently and ignorantly around the world as a result of ebola,” said ChopUp co-founder Zubair Abubakar.

“The goal here is basically the same thing that the World Health Organisation (WHO), our very own EbolaAlert and other organisations are trying to achieve regarding the virus: drive awareness of ebola and its preventive measures. We are only trying to do this in a more entertaining yet educative way.”


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