Nest, Chase Bank to host fintech event in Nairobi


VC firm Nest has partnered Chase Bank Kenya to host a fintech panel in Nairobi tomorrow (Wednesday), bringing together key players in the finance and tech industries to discuss the development of digital financial services.

Disrupt Africa reported earlier this year Nest, which services early-stage, high growth businesses, opened an office in Nairobi, which the company will use to roll out accelerator programmes and invest in startups across Africa.

The company then launched a speaker series, aimed at sparking disruptive ideas and conversations around the topic “What’s Next”, the latest edition of which is dedicated to fintech.

Together with Chase Bank Kenya, tomorrow’s event at the iHub will see panel members discuss the challenges, advancements, adoption and application of technology to drive digital financial services in the developing world. 

Panellists include head of Airtel Money Chidi Okpala, general manager of mobile financial services at Craft Silicon Niladri Roy, BitPesa co-founder Elizabeth Rossiello, SuperFluid Labs co-founder Abdigani Diriye, and Chase Bank Kenya head of innovation Lilian Mukabane.

“After a successful partnership with IBM to host What’s Next healthtech, we are delighted to now partner Chase Bank to power What’s Next fintech. This partnership builds on Chase Bank’s already strong track record of supporting entrepreneurs and encouraging innovation in Kenya,” said Nest managing partner for Africa Aaron Fu.

“Fintech is growing focus area for leaders in the financial services industry, and with the accelerating pace of innovation from both established banks like Chase Bank and Kenyan-born globally competitive startups like SuperFluid Labs, we can certainly expect the industry to evolve significantly in the coming years. But how will it change? We hope the diverse group of innovators at What’s Next will get us a little closer that answer.”


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