Rush is latest e-courier service to launch in SA


WeChat-powered startup Rush has joined WumDrop and Picup in bidding to disrupt the South African couriering space, with its service allowing users to compare couriers, prices and delivery services in real-time.

Rush, like WumDrop and Picup, enables customers to choose the right courier, book, pay for and track parcel deliveries, while offering support via a call centre.

The service aggregates numerous couriers that can then be chosen based on reputation, price or delivery time. Users are required to download WeChat and search for Rush.

“Rush is going to fundamentally alter the way the courier business works. We are confident that our service offering will transform the users’ courier experience while saving them time and money,” said Glenn Whittaker, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Rush South Africa.

To use the service, customers inform Rush of their location and the destination of the parcel, before outlining its weight and dimensions. They then choose a courier and a particular price or delivery option, with payment made directly via mobile. The parcel is then received at the place and time they have chosen.

“At present, Rush is affiliated to five courier companies – Courier Guy, Courier IT, Skynet, RTT and Globeflight – with more to be added in the near future. Rush carefully vets its couriers and has very strict service level agreements in place with them,” said Whittaker.

Rush also provides the option to take insurance on parcels, underwritten by Hollard Insurance, as well as offering a large-scale service designed for businesses that courier more than 200 parcels per month, known as Rush for Business.

“Rush is the logical choice. There is no need for time consuming, lengthy paper contracts and waybills as Rush automates these. It also allows users to transact securely, streamlining the payment process,” said Whittaker.

“It really is the most simple, convenient, affordable and efficient courier option. South Africa is on the cusp of a brand new future for the courier business, and that future is Rush for Mobile, powered by WeChat.”


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