GoMetro Traffic app launches


South African travel solutions startup GoMetro has launched a new traffic app, providing drivers with incident and alert information before setting off on a trip.

The GoMetro Traffic app provides drivers with traffic news and updates, warning about incidents ahead on a planned route to enable the driver to take an alternative route, or to have enough time to reach their destination.

Other features offered by the app include alerts as to every Stop-Go on South Africa’s road network, as well as toll plaza queue lengths and waiting times at each toll plaza. Drivers are also alerted to key passes being closed due to adverse weather conditions.

In addition, the GoMetro Traffic app makes use of accident statistics to identify high-risk driving times, and reminds drivers to be cautious during these times, or suggests planning the trip for a safer travelling time.

“We observed that other traffic applications are focused on navigation, and require a user to keep their GPS on all the time in order to receive traffic information. Obviously, this kills battery life and can overheat your phone. Our app doesn’t waste battery life because we don’t use your GPS to send contextual traffic alerts, rather using a saved trip card,” says Justin Coetzee, chief executive officer (CEO) of GoMetro.

“We also don’t want to distract you while you are driving, so simply save a trip card and we use the info you have shared with us to determine when to send you a push message about a traffic incident,” he says.

To stay informed about traffic incidents, users download the app, register their details, and then input the origin and destination of their planned trip. GoMetro Traffic then monitors the planned route for any incoming traffic alerts, and will sends a push notification if there is an issue along the route, even if the app is closed.

The startup said it hopes the launch of the new app – developed in partnership with TrafficNet – will make South African roads safer during the festive season, and cut down on the frustrations of encountering traffic when travelling during the holidays.

The app is available for free download in the Apple App Store for iOS, and will be available in the Google Play Store in the next few days.



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