Startups invited to SA’s Blockchain and Bitcoin Africa Conference


Registration is open for the second Blockchain and Bitcoin Africa Conference, with startups encouraged to attend and explore the opportunities posed by blockchain technology in Africa.

Disrupt Africa reported last year South Africa’s first ever Bitcoin Conference was held in April, with the organisers saying the conference was intended to spur a wave of bitcoin startups in the country, and continent-wide.

While last year’s event was held in Cape Town, the second edition of the event will be held this year in Johannesburg, on March 3 and 4.

Speaking to Disrupt Africa, conference co-host Theo Sauls said startups in Africa should attend the event to explore the opportunities posed by blockchain technology across the spread of industries.

“Blockchain technology offers tremendous opportunities for young startups in Africa to solve many of Africa’s problems, such as inefficient banking systems and expensive remittance services,” Sauls said.

“The financial industry is set to be completely disrupted by the secure and low transaction costs that blockchain technology offers. Startups all over the world are innovating at a rapid pace in this industry and traditional institutions are not able to keep up with this disruptive technology,” he said.

“There are opportunities not only in the financial industry but in farming, legal, and retail.”

During the conference, industry experts from around the world will share their views and experience of the opportunities and challenges facing digital currencies such as bitcoin and blockchain technology; as well as their impact on the current social, economic and political order.

A number of pan-African countries will also be represented, including Botswana, Kenya, Ghana and Zimbabwe.

Tickets are available here.


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