Egypt’s Tyro beta testing one-on-one learning platform


Egyptian e-learning startup Tyro is closed beta testing a one-on-one learning platform ahead of a public beta launch in July.

Tyro takes a more hands-on approach to the e-learning space, providing an online marketplace that connects instructors in diverse fields with learners through live one-on-one online sessions.

“Our matching service is a hub where anyone can learn anything they want and instructors can teach anything they are good at,” Tyro chief executive officer (CEO) Mokhtar Osman told Disrupt Africa.

“Tyro streamlines the process of searching, finding, connecting and conducting online sessions with an experienced instructor.”

Online learning sessions on Tyro are carried out using interactive whiteboard software, with both parties able to conduct live audio or video chat, upload documents, and share screens.

Founded in November of last year, the startup is currently in closed beta with 30 instructors and 120 learners, but plans to open the testing to the public in July. It makes revenues by charging a commission on fees earned by instructors.

Osman said Tyro was established as a result of what he calls the “failure of the current educational system”, as a result of it being too institutionalised and generalised.

“As a result, there exists a prodigious gap between the skills that the Egyptian youth possess and those that are in demand by the labour market,” he said.

“Our services aim to bridge this gap by introducing one-on-one learning, creating personalised online sessions and providing individuals with the ability to work at their own pace in order to up-skill.”

Potential learners in Egypt also face a challenge in identifying qualified instructors.

“As a learner myself, I was determined to create a platform which would ease the process of connecting individuals with instructors at a faster pace,” Osman said. “Tyro is a result of that vision, and we’re excited to open it up to qualified instructors and individuals who value high quality learning.”


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