Developer recruitment platform OfferZen launches in SA


Developer recruitment marketplace OfferZen has launched in South Africa, attracting 100 companies to the platform within its first six months of operation.

OfferZen asks companies to send developers interview requests containing detailed information on upfront salary, benefits, company culture and work environment so that developers can compare multiple offers.

Founders, brothers Malan and Philip Joubert, and Brett Jones, said they came up with the idea for OfferZen while living in Silicon Valley, where developers are “at the top of the food chain”.  The founders say it became clear to them that a similar mentality needs to be encouraged in South Africa, in order for local companies to remain relevant internationally.

“In Silicon Valley, developers are at the top of the food chain, because they’re the people building things and shaping our future. It’s a culture that respects good developers and gives them the freedom to do great work – this mindset is what lets Silicon Valley create the biggest tech companies year after year,” says Malan Joubert.

“Developers value transparency. With OfferZen they know what they could earn and what the work will be like before they decide to interview at a company.”

Since launching six months ago, the platform has attracted 100 companies looking to hire developers; and seen a total of ZAR120 million (US$7.67 million) in annual offers made to developers.


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