Wanos Networks Announces New Strategic Partnership with Acrosser Technology Co, Ltd


Wanos Networks has released the long awaited details of their strategic partnership with Acrosser Technology for the supply of their new range of Network Optimization Switches, the NOS-300 and the Wanos NOS-450.

The new switches will directly replace the previous models, the WN-250 and WN-400.

Their new range of Network Optimization Switches have been specifically designed to enhance the functionality of Wanos Technology’s WAN optimization software that has been demonstrated to be able to increase network throughput by up to ten fold in the field.

Antonie Henning MD of Wanos Networks explained the thinking behind why they chose Acrosser Technology as their preferred partner to deliver their new range:

“When we went to the market to choose a supplier for our new range of Network Optimization Switches we had several criteria front of mind in our thinking.

The obvious considerations were product quality, reliability and to find a partner with an impeccable track record in the marketplace.

That said, the overall driver in our final decision was to uncover a company that could specifically help us provide the best possible end-user experience for our clients.

Wanos Technology prides itself in providing easily implemented, hassle free solutions and it’s critical that any component that forms part of a solution is up to the task.

We have an enviable reputation for quality and reliability in the WAN optimization space and we’re laser-focused on maintaining and improving our users’ experience through innovation and the introduction of new products such as the NOS-300 and NOS-450.

That’s why we selected Acrosser Technology to be our trusted partner.

Since 1987 Acrosser Technology has been a pioneer in the evolution of industrial computing and have assisted thousands of customers in developing embedded systems for various industries.

The Acrosser products are FCC and CE certified and their track record in Network Security and Wireless Networking is impressive. They have worked for many Fortune 500 vendors including Cisco Systems.

We are 100% confident in Acrosser Technology’s ability to provide us with Network Optimization Switches that meet and exceed our stringent quality requirements.

We view them as the ideal partner and well positioned to assist us in delivering industry leading SLA’s to our clients.

Moreover, as we continue to innovate and grow our business, we believe that Acrosser Technology is more than capable of meeting our requirements in the future.

Above all, we’re confident Acrosser Technology’s Network Optimization Switches will deliver peace of mind for us and our clients in mission critical network environments.

And that’s what really counts when it comes to maintaining and building on our reputation.”

Wanos Networks can be contacted via their website and will happily supply a quote based on the basic information you’re invited to supply in their contact form.

They even have a free option (Wanos Express) that smaller organizations can take advantage of to get their feet wet and test drive their WAN Acceleration products.

Wanos Networks (Pty) Ltd are suppliers of WAN Optimization software. Wanos software provides 80% of premium benefits at 20% or less of the cost. It specifically addresses the needs of organizations where premium WAN optimization solutions are not financially viable. Wanos Networks (Pty) Ltd have become trusted partners of businesses in several countries since their foundation in 2013.


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