Online car sales platform launches in SA


Online car sales platform HiCarByeCar has launched in South Africa, promising to source three offers within 48 hours for private individuals trying to sell their car.

HiCarByeCar is a car sales platform that gives potential sellers the opportunity to receive the best offers from dealerships in their city, within 48 hours.

Users list the details and variables of their car, and upload photographs. HiCarByeCar then uses a proprietary algorithm to match users and dealers in their area.

Within two days, a seller will receive the three top offers made from dealers near to them. The service is free to the seller.

“Selling a car privately in South Africa can be complicated and risky. The current economic climate has resulted in potential sellers being extremely hesitant when selling their car, neglecting safety and convenience in order to attain a higher price,” says Michael Zahariev, chief executive officer (CEO) of HiCarByeCar.

“HiCarByeCar aims to disrupt the car sales industry in South Africa, by splitting the profit that the middle man would have made between both dealer and seller, in a fast, easy and safe manner.”

Dealerships register with HiCarByeCar and  create an account to gain access to available vehicles. Dealerships can edit and personalize their account to ensure that they are alerted of vehicles that fit their stock profile, while HiCarByeCar’s detailed listings ensure that dealerships are informed and can make well evaluated offers.

The dealership has 48 hours to offer an amount that they would be prepared to pay for a car. Dealerships compete to be placed within the top three offers, thus guaranteeing that users get the best value for their cars.

The service has initially launched in Johannesburg, but plans quick expansion around South Africa.



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