South African IT Company Exports Local Knowledge to the Olympic hosts, Brazil


Wanos Networks recently released details of their latest win on the South American continent. The company’s WAN Optimization Software has been selected as Sika’s preferred solution to provide WAN Acceleration between their Head Office in Sao Paulo and six remote offices and factories across Brazil.

From a global perspective, the specialty chemicals company has subsidiaries in 93 countries and more than 17,000 employees worldwide.

In Brazil, Sika has approximately 500 employees.

This is the latest in a series of wins for Wanos Networks in South America, and it’s clear that the South American marketplace is one that holds huge potential for this growing, Cape Town based IT company.

Nuno Seca, IT Manager of Sika Brazil, had this to say about their strategic partnership with Wanos Networks in South Africa:

“Sika Brazil has successfully installed Wanos to optimize our WAN between the Head Office in Osasco and remote branch offices and factories across Brazil.

Since Wanos has been installed, we have seen a significant improvement in data transfer speeds

One of the main reasons behind our decision to implement Wanos was the balance between cost and performance. The total cost of ownership (TCO) is also very beneficial.”

In response to Nuno Seca’s comments, Antonie Henning of Wanos Networks said this:

“We’re honored to have yet another large, multinational company like Sika select Wanos Networks to improve the performance of their WAN.

It’s especially rewarding to be making further inroads into Brazil before the start of the Olympics, and we’re proud to be flying the flag for South Africa on the South American continent.

When analyzed at the results, Wanos at times delivered optimization ratios of up to 65% on average, to some sites.

Put another way, Wanos has almost tripled the bandwidth to these sites during this time frame. This is an enviable result even for more expensive, competitive products that would typically cost the client 5 to 10 times more.

We remain committed to providing Sika with unrivalled and unmatched levels of support, as we continue our focus to expand our footprint in South America where we’re having great success.”

Wanos Networks can be contacted via their website and will happily supply a quote based on the basic information you’re invited to supply in their contact form.

They even have a free option (Wanos Express) that smaller organizations can take advantage of to get their feet wet and test drive their Wan Optimization products.

Wanos Networks (Pty) Ltd is a WAN Optimization Vendor that supply WAN Optimization software. Wanos software provides 80% of premium benefits at 20% of the cost. It specifically addresses the needs of organizations that require a WAN optimization solution that provides a tangible ROI. Wanos Networks (Pty) Ltd have become trusted partners of businesses in more than 25 countries since their foundation in 2013.


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