Startupbootcamp seeks corporate backing to launch Cape Town accelerator


Global accelerator Startupbootcamp is seeking corporate backing to launch a three-year programme of accelerators in South Africa, starting in Cape Town, in a bid to enable startups to gain exposure on a global scale.

Launched in 2010, Startupbootcamp operates 14 accelerator programmes in 10 locations, including Amsterdam, Berlin, Istanbul, London, Singapore, Miami and New York.

Startups from South Africa and Tanzania have been accepted onto these programmes, but like many other global accelerators Startupbootcamp’s interest in Africa is growing. Disrupt Africa revealed towards the end of 2014 the company was fundraising to launch programmes in South Africa, while it held a series of mini-events last year.

Startupbootcamp is now set to launch its first full programme in South Africa, based in Cape Town, signalling the start of a three-year programme of accelerators in the country. It is looking to partner with corporates to fund such a programme.

The team behind Startupbootcamp Africa previously built and ran Tech Lab Africa, which took place last year in collaboration with Barclays and saw 10 startup companies raise a collective total of US$10 million. Philip Kiracofe and Zach George will head up the programmes, which aim to enable local startups to gain exposure on a global scale and support startup development in Africa.

To set the ball rolling, Startupbootcamp has partnered PwC, a founding sponsor of Startupbootcamp programmes across Europe. The first of a number of information sessions will be held today (July 21) at Workshop 17, aimed at giving attendees more insight into Startupbootcamp programmes globally and the programmes in Africa. RSVP here.


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