This Egyptian mobile app will improve your squash


Ahmed Mohsen came up with the idea for a squash performance tracker app two years ago, when he was coaching Egyptian champion Omneya Abdelkawy.

What Mohsen wanted to do was create detailed analytics reports to help him assess and coach his player, but this was challenging.

“The process proved to be hectic and at times unreliable when approached in the simple manner of putting pen to paper,” he said. “This was due to the overwhelming amount of information and calculations needed to analyse the player’s development.”

Unperturbed, Mohsen started to formulate a code using equations, though this proved too complex for other coaches to use since they were not involved in its development. This led to the development of SquashApp, which aims to make it quick and easy to input information to help coaches and players track their performance and analyse trends.

“SquashApp is the only squash application designed by world class players and coaches putting hundred of hours of dedicated work in order to introduce to you all the tools, stats and support you need to step up your game,” Mohsen said.

“For squash players, coaches and institutions, SquashApp is specialised in delivering cutting edge data analysis. Using the latest analysis techniques we help sports people to start winning by numbers.”

Users can keep track of game rallies using the app’s seamless pointing system, with SquashApp doing the maths and generating a detailed dynamic analysis of every rally in order for players, parents, coaches and fans to have access to advanced game analysis and insights.

Currently available on iOS, SquashApp aims to fill a gap in the market, with two other companies currently focused on video analysis and coaching. Mohsen is in the process of turning it into a business, with the app available for free but making money through in-app advertising.

It is currently self-funded, but Mohsen hopes to raise US$150,000 over the next six months as he targets uptake in the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Egypt, Canada, France and Malaysia.

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