AfroTalez creators launch language-learning app


Lizzie’s Creations, the Nigerian startup behind the AfroTalez episodic storytelling app, has launched Teseem, an app that teaches toddlers their first words in a variety of languages.

Disrupt Africa has reported before on AfroTalez, and Lizz’s Creations has now followed it up with Teseem, which means “Teach Me” in the Nigerian language Tiv.

Founder Elizabeth Kperrun told Disrupt Africa the startup had been quiet since launching AfroTalez as it had been strategising how to produce better products and ensure a more sustainable future having been selected for the Ventures Platform accelerator.

She said the team was now armed with a better understanding of what its customers wanted, and had developed Teseem. The app teaches young users their first words, in English, Hausa, Ibo and Yoruba.

“With time, we aim to incorporate more languages and even go pan-African,” she said.

Teseem is free to download and available for Android and iOS. The intuitive game allows users to play and learn on their own, and is filled with animations.

“Kids can earn African languages and culture right from the start, from their very first words.

They’ll learn colours, numbers, body parts and more,” Kperrun said.

“Over the next few weeks, we will be adding a lot more categories and pan-African language packs based on user feedback.”

She said Lizzie’s Creations was excited about Teseem, and that it had received a positive initial reception.

“People are really excited about the idea of quality entertaining content for kids in African languages,” Kperrun said.

“We are very optimistic and believe that, with proper marketing in place, Teseem will break lots of new ground and has the potential to get 100,000 downloads over the next few months.”


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