Kenyan startup launches water monitoring tech


Kenyan startup Tech Water Solutions has launched a solution that uses GSM and sensor technology to monitor water levels in tanks and reservoirs.

Launched in August after months of testing, Tech Water Solutions’ Tank Mkononi water monitoring system allows users such as residential owners, hotels and restaurants to monitor water levels in their tanks and reservoirs from any location using their mobile phones.

When water levels go below a programmed threshold, the system sends SMS alarms to up to 10 mobile numbers alerting them of the low level. The system can also be set to send timed SMS reports on water levels at specific hours or intervals throughout the day.

Founder Kelvin Gacheru told Disrupt Africa the idea for the system had been inspired by the regularity of water shortages in Nairobi, and the resultant effects.

“During this emergencies, water providers and tankers charge exorbitant prices and take advantage as they know people need water urgently,” he said.

“There are also problems experienced with delays of the water delivery, which cause losses.”

The Tank Mkononi system aims to avoid such problems by alerting users of low water levels so action can be taken, with Tech Water Solutions in talks with water suppliers over partnerships that will have such firms on standby to refill water tanks before they run empty.

“Through these partnerships, we will be able to curb exploitation by water suppliers while also ensuring people have consistent water and ensuring their tanks never run out of water,” Gacheru said.   

The startup has already sold three of its units, at the cost of US$335 each, making a profit of around US$185 on each one. It has been self-funded thus far but is now looking for funds to build inventory and for marketing.


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