SA’s You, Baby and I launches survey game for mothers, brands


South African mothering platform You, Baby and I is launching a polling-type survey game and video as it doubles its revenues.

Disrupt Africa first discovered You, Baby and I in June. The marketing startup was launched by Durban-based couple Shanéy and Vije Vijendranath in 2014, and specialises in helping mothers connect with one another through personal stories of motherhood.

Mothers are able to connect with other mothers via the platform, looking for recommendations on their needs or finding events relevant to them. The company also helps brands connect with mothers for marketing exposure.

You, Baby and I is now launching a new section called Momsays, a polling-type survey game that allows users to express their feelings and experiences around certain products.

“It’s a quick-fire method of getting engagement with moms and the brands where we ask them to choose between two choices. Momsays is also our foray into product analytics. Companies are now using it to understand moms’ buying behavior and experience,” Vije Vijendranath told Disrupt Africa.

The section is already live on Facebook, and will be launched on the site itself in time for Christmas. Vije said with the introduction of video and Momsays the startup has managed to double its revenue.

“We have also increased our readership and engagement by 30 per cent. We have, as of September, have a separate interface for moms to contribute their own stories, just like Huffington Post,” he said.

“We have raised money through our own revenue as well as debt financing without giving away any equity. We also received sponsorship from Microsoft for our infrastructure and Facebook.”

You, Baby and I will initially built with angel funding from family and friends to build the first website, and is now profitable and using revenues – from brand marketing campaigns – to expand the company. It has started doing international campaigns, and hit 100,000 monthly visitors in March.


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