Livity Africa, Facebook offer digital training for SA entrepreneurs


South African training platform Livity Africa has announced a partnership with Facebook to roll out a new digital training programme for young entrepreneurs to help accelerate their businesses.

Livity Africa launched its “Digify” training initiative – which consists of various courses targeting different levels of digital experience – in 2014.  The initiative has received backing from Google, the Rockefeller Foundation and the British Council.

The new programme launched in collaboration with Facebook will see Livity Africa’s Digify trainers provide immersive coaching to young entrepreneurs, which will be supported by ongoing training from Facebook.

Three elements will be rolled out under the partnership, with distinct curricula developed for each.

The “Digify Pro Start Up” module will consist of a six-week training course for startup entrepreneurs to accelerate their businesses using digital skills and tools.

The “Boost Your Business” section will feature one-day training interventions for young entrepreneurs to further enhance their digital skills and tools.

The third segment will be the “Digify for Entrepreneur ‘TTT’” (train the trainer) – a booster course for Digify Pro graduates with the aim of equipping them with the skills needed to become trainers of the existing Bytes for Business programme.

“We will create a sustainable, youth-led approach where by investing in talented, entrepreneurial youth, we will create ‘multipliers of impact’ who can help sustain and grow the learning of thousands of others,” said Gavin Weale, Livity Africa founder and managing director (MD).

“Our approach is focused on how existing businesses, at whatever stage and size, can leverage digital skills and tools to accelerate themselves, powered by Facebook. There is huge opportunity here for young people in South Africa to create their own livelihoods with these digital skills.”

Training will be provided using Facebook’s platform, and tools such as Facebook’s Blueprint – the global training and certification programme designed to help businesses reach their own goals. The programme aims to offer an integrated training approach that bridges technology and skills around financial planning, budgeting, social media, digital marketing and more.

“Facebook is passionate about the power of technology to help people create content, develop innovative services and products for their communities, as well as build businesses that create jobs and opportunity. Through this programme, we aim to help entrepreneurs use social platforms to tell their business story, connect with their audiences and generate demand for their products. In partnership with stakeholders such as Livity Africa, we can help young entrepreneurs develop successful businesses,” said Ebele Okobi, Facebook’s public policy director for Africa.


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