Android app GENIUSES aims to socialise Nigerian education


Nigerian startup LLH, or “Live.Learn.Have fun”, has launched its social learning app GENIUSES for Android, connecting students and teachers for a more collaborative learning experience.

Disrupt Africa reported last year LLH launched version one of GENIUSES, which was only accessible via internet browser.

GENIUSES primarily targets secondary school students, and aim to make learning a more interactive and collaborative experience.

The app enables students to build on classwork after school via their mobile device; providing a range of learning content, such as questions, definitions, video lessons and formulas.

Content provided on the app is synchronised with school activities to allow students to revise daily. They may also share difficult problems on their timelines to enable teachers and friends to provide helpful replies.

The social element allows users to connect with their contacts on social media platforms, to share content, collaborate on ideas and projects, as well as compete with friends in scored tests.

“We understand the value of collaboration in schools. Students need to be empowered to work with their colleagues or anyone else on problems. Schools, by design, are unable to allow extensive group works among students. With GENIUSES, students can collaborate more and help one another to be better in their fields of study,” says Cyrus Majebi, chief executive officer (CEO) of LLH.

GENIUSES is built on the belief that learning is not restricted to the four walls of a classroom, Majebi says, and that learning should make use of varied tools – such as mobile devices – to create a fun and effective process.

The startup hopes it can contribute to bridging the gap between the quality of education received in elite schools and less privileged ones.

The app is intended for use by students, teachers, content creators and other educational stakeholders, to ensure a rounded collaborative experience.



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