BitHub.Africa releases Blockchain Opportunity Report


Nairobi-based blockchain accelerator BitHub.Africa has released its Blockchain Opportunity Report exploring the sector’s 16 most exciting opportunities for 2017, targeting blockchain entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and enthusiasts.

The Blockchain Opportunity Report provides comprehensive reviews of 16 crypto-currencies and blockchain platforms BitHub believes will disrupt incumbents across the finance, technology and commerce sectors, among others, in 2017.

The organisation says the report is aimed at boosting the activities of Africa’s blockchain community – Africa being the region BitHub claims has the fastest expanding blockchain market in the world.

“People are beginning to bypass traditional centralized banking and payment systems in much of the developed world and beginning to feel the benefits of decentralized currency through increased adoption of mobile and internet-based blockchain technology,” BitHub says.

“African nations are catching up with this trend in a rapid pace to create a promising atmosphere for crypto-currency and blockchain initiatives.”

Proceeds from the sale of the report will be used to fund new incubator and partner hubs set to launch across Africa, BitHub said.

Disrupt Africa reported on the launch of the BitHub.Africa accelerator in January 2016. The programme is run  by Space Kenya Networks, and brings together individuals and organisations in a bid to use blockchain to drive innovation and find solutions to global problems.


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