Online bursary management platform launches in Kenya


Kenyan bursary management platform Ebursary has launched in Kenya, aiming to revolutionise the bursary and scholarship process across Africa.

Ebursary allows students to search and apply for bursaries, scholarships and grants for high school undergraduate and postgraduate study across Africa; as well as providing organisations with smart tools to list, sieve and manage grant applications and disbursements.

Students can also sign up and enter criteria to receive updates of all the relevant opportunities currently available to them.

Launched this month in Kenya, founder Denis Gachoki explains the idea for the company stems from his own experiences as a student struggling to pay his tuition fees, and the sheer amount of time and effort it took to search and apply for funding support.

He realised the system for financial support for students needed “revolutionising”- by creating a single database for opportunities to be listed, where applications can be made and managed through the unified portal.

“It is my hope, that this platform goes on to connect bright, needy students across Africa to financial aid opportunities,” Gachoki says.

The startup makes money by charging organisations to use its bursary management system, that provides smart tools to manage the entire bursary life cycle – from the advertising of bursaries and scholarships, to the sourcing of applicants, and the management of the bursary funds.

The platform has seen over 100 users register in its first week of operation.

In addition to running the platform, Gakochi also hopes to establish an in-house bursary fund, and is looking for partners to help develop and fund such a mechanism.


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