SA’s Gutsy Green delivers recipes, ingredients straight to your door


Recently-launched startup Gutsy Green is looking to make an impact in South Africa by delivering pre-portioned ingredients with recipe cards straight to users’ doors.

Users of the Gutsy Green platform can pick from a variety of recipes, with ingredients and cooking information then delivered. The startup sources organic ingredients and free range meats. It also allows customers to provide dietary requirements.

“Our system then recommends meals for them every week based on their dietary requirements. Otherwise they can hop on the website and choose any meals they want from our archive of recipes,” co-founder Kyle Moore told Disrupt Africa.

The startup only initially launched in February, and though Moore admits there is some competition he says Gutsy Green is active in a relatively unknown industry that has a lot of potential.

“The best way to get customers is word of mouth, because they see what kind of an impact it has on their friends’ and family’s lives,” he said.

“It cuts out shopping, it takes away meal planning and deciding what to cook every night, it brings variety and change into your daily life. You don’t get the same boring meals every night, it’s something different on the dinner table every night. It also allows more time with the family and less time in the shops.”

And, of course, customers are getting access to organic food in an easy manner. Gutsy Green is currently self-funded via the business Moore and co-founder Carla-Mari Moore started previously – Gutsy Tutoring.

“We have used the profits from Gutsy Tutoring to build the startup to where it is. We have some interested investors that will look at investing during the course of the year,” he said.

Gutsy Green’s numbers, he said, are climbing every week.

“Our customers give us the most amazing feedback each week,” Moore said. “The retention rates have been amazing. They love it. When they go on holiday or are not at home for the week, all they do is pause their account. And then un-pause when they want to continue.”

Uptake has been such that having initially only started operating in Cape Town, the startup will also be delivering to Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban by the end of May.

“We have been able to source some good suppliers in both food and packaging. This has allowed us to make a profit on each box we send out. We have also just secured an awesome courier company at good rates which will allow us to ship to Johannesburg and Durban,” said Moore.


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