Kenya’s Koncart launches to help build fintech solutions


Kenyan startup Koncart has launched a platform that empowers developers and techpreneurs to easily build financially-driven tech ideas with ease, allowing users to quickly create and manage virtual wallets and transactions while also providing an analytics dashboard.  

The Koncart platform has tools such as a transactions ledgers API, virtual wallet API and business Intelligence analytics dashboard that enable business owners to create and manage virtual wallets as well as manage and analyse transactions.

Despite the growth and advancement within the fintech space, the startup’s co-founders believe fintech startups face a number of challenges, including the shortage of skilled software developers and high overhead costs. These challenges increase the time startups take to get to market, and prevent them from developing products that are competitive in the global finance sector.

Koncart has been launched to address these issues, offering tools that enable fintech startups to focus on their core business and cut development costs and times in half. The platform seeks to empower developers, businesses and organisations to create their fintech solutions with ease.

“Africa still has the largest unserved market in regard to access to basic financial services, despite the increased interest within the fintech space. Currently, there are over 300 active fintech startups in Africa,” said Gesora Mwasi, co-founder and chief marketing officer (CMO) of Koncart.

“This provides a solid foundation for financial institutions and techpreneurs to grow and develop their fintech innovation. Koncart empowers financial institutions and techpreneurs to capitalise on this opportunity by providing them with tools that enables them to develop their innovation cost effectively and with ease.”


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