Cloud solutions for SMEs – an answer to cyber-security threats


Cloud-based information security solutions hold the key to tackling the new generation of cyber threats confronting Kenyan small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in a connected world, according to pan-African telecoms provider SEACOM.

Kenyan SMEs need to work on designing and implementing resilient information security infrastructure, in the wake of global malware outbreaks that have crippled networks and sent shockwaves across the world, SEACOM says.

“New information security threats will keep emerging. The recent ransomware attacks are a stark reminder of the complex security risks organisations will face in the coming years,” says Patrick Ndegwa, SEACOM’s business sales lead.

“We believe that by embracing enhanced technologies such as cloud computing Kenyan organisations will have access to an affordable but effective solution to deal with rising cyber threats. This is the future and we need to embrace it.”

Internet adoption and its applications to business processes have led to sweeping changes in Kenya over the past decade, Ndegwa says, as well as paradigm shifts in the way services are delivered and consumed across African markets.

However, in today’s highly connected world, the cost of information security technology and the difficulty of securing skills to manage and implement the solutions has emerged as a key factor in managing cyber threats.

Recent malware attacks have highlighted this and the damage to even the smallest business can have devastating effects.

“Moving more of a business’s applications – email, customer relationship management, backups, and more – to the cloud can be an opportunity to improve information security,” said Ndegwa.


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