Benin developing new smart city


The Presidency of Benin is set to launch a new smart city, Sèmè City, aiming to foster Africa-grown innovation as a solution to the continent’s economic challenges.

Sèmè City will serve as a tech hub for Benin, complete with a business incubator – with 250 startups to be selected to receive support by 2030 at the new incubator.

A range of incentives have been offered to members of Sèmè City by the government to encourage entrepreneurship and investment, such as tax and customs incentives, special economic zones and procedural advantages.

The smart city will also host a number of research facilities and higher education initiatives,  as is currently looking for international universities to partner on the creation of new learning establishments at Sèmè City,

The Sèmè City project aims to address the economic challenges faced by Benin and Africa at large, and aims to graduate 200,000 students and create 200,000 new jobs by 2030.

“With Sèmè City, Benin wishes to train a new generation of talents and foster the emergence of a new model of inclusive and sustainable growth based on “Innovation Made in Africa”,” Benin’s Presidency said.

“The stake is clear: we must face the economic challenges of Benin and more generally of Africa in order to provide the continent’s youth with opportunities for the future.”

Startups can currently apply to join the incubator until November 15, by submitting an email application.  

Other organisations interested in joining Sèmè City can also submit proposals until the November 15 deadline.



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