Morocco’s Khdemti helps MENA freelancers compete globally


Moroccan startup Khdemti is offering freelancers the chance to compete with those from elsewhere in the world by providing a platform that connects them with clients.

Formed last year, Khdemti allows companies to list jobs and fully automates the freelancing process. The goal of the platform is to assist the process from beginning to end for the benefit of both parties.

“Khdemti is designed to connect entrepreneurs and companies with a range of the best independents in various fields in order to help them accomplish their projects,” Ayoub Rouzi, chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder of Khdemti, told Disrupt Africa.

“The platform strives to provide a safe space and provide updates in order to provide the best service for entrepreneurs, companies, freelancers and independents.”

The startup was launched after the founding team realised freelancers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region were struggling to compete with those in the likes of India and Pakistan. Khdemti was their way of solving this problem, as well as issues with payments experienced by many freelancers.

Khdemti, which charges 15 per cent commission for each successfully as well as additional fees for urgent or secret jobs. has seen strong uptake, and already has over 11,000 users. The bootstrapped startup is looking for funding in order to expand to new markets.

“Currently we are operating in the MENA region and Europe. Our plan is to also start in America and Asia, because many of our clients are from there,” Rouzi said.


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