SiMODiSA launches support platform for SA entrepreneurs


South African startup support organisation SiMODiSA has launched Venture Central, an online platform designed to give entrepreneurs access to information and opportunities.

Venture Central is an entrepreneurial community-based platform with curated content from the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Various organisations and entrepreneurial supporters will be able to feed information, opportunities and important links into the portal.

SiMODiSA said the portal will be managed, monitored and regularly updated for the latest tools, resources, events, workspaces and trends, providing a digital home for entrepreneurs.

The main objectives are to offer aggregated business information and opportunities, provide business links, tools, templates and resources, provide access to entrepreneurship networking, mentorship and market opportunities, list available workspaces, incubators and accelerators, and assist SMEs in advancing to the next stage of their business cycle.

“Now more than ever has there been a greater emphasis on entrepreneurship, its impact and its ability to contribute significantly towards creating jobs and growing our economy. Entrepreneurship is vital for the growth of our economy and we believe Venture Central will become a focal point for information and resources for entrepreneurs and SMEs in South Africa,” SiMODiSA said.

“Entrepreneurship can be an overwhelming journey faced with an influx of information, advice from every corner but with no distinct direction in how to succeed and where to actually find what you need. With the current South African entrepreneurship ecosystems facing significant challenges such as rising unemployment, regulatory constraints, skills deficit, lack of access to markets and funding represents a strong need for a solid solution to combat the entrepreneurial needs.”


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