Four tips for a compelling deck to pitch to mobile operators


Encouragement of startups to partner mobile operators for the roll-out of more innovative services is at an all time high. But from the startup’s perspective it’s easier said than done.  There are numerous hurdles to face in the route to getting a meeting with an operator, but once you’re there – will your pitch deck let you down?

The GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator is currently working with the nine-strong first cohort of its Innovation Fund, and recently held an expertise session featuring Telenor head of innovation Vegard Aas, focused on honing pitch decks with a view to impressing mobile operators.

Not wanting the wider ecosystem to miss out, the GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator has compiled the top four tips for startups distilled from the event on how to craft a compelling pitch deck for mobile operators.

Know who you are speaking to

Before the meeting, make sure you know the person you will pitch to.  This means know their department, their budget cycles, their objectives, the scope of their activities, and their seniority.

Tailor your pitch accordingly

Customise your pitch deck – use market research and data; and showcase studies and success stories.  

You can use their – and your – competitors as the benchmark.

“Be honest, the mobile operator representative(s) might have done some research and analysis on your solution. Therefore, your unawareness or dishonesty about your competition could come across as a red flag,” was Aas’ advice.

Show what the impact will be for both the person and their department.

Come with a value proposition

Make sure the slide you present highlights what you have, and how it will benefit the mobile operator.

Come with an Ask

And maybe even more than one.  Be clear about the offer.  Give them a timeline and/or a budget.  Offer them a pilot with a view to extend. Offer them different packages and options.

Remember that no-one goes from zero to 100 in the corporate world.


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