Nigeria’s Our Leaders helps users track their politicians


Nigerian startup Our Leaders has launched its online platform that allows  users to track the progress and performance of their political leaders.

Our Leaders aggregates detailed profiles of Nigerian political leaders for public analysis, with the public able to view these profiles, their previous political and non-political roles, their educational background and more.

The overall goal is to create more interaction between political leaders and the people,

“What we spotted was the need for good governance and great leaders. We currently don’t have platforms where we can learn about those who govern us. We don’t have any information on the people responsible for the success of our country. We just know there are some people in the House of Representatives, some ministers, senators and others somewhere, doing something on our behalf,” said chief executive officer (CEO) Nosa Igbinedion.

“But what exactly are they doing? How is it conducive to the development of the country? What’s their performance like? Are they making any progress? These are some questions the platform aims to answer.”

The self-funded Our Leaders is yet to settle on a revenue model, and is currently entirely focused on ensuring good uptake by providing exactly what users want.

“We’ve recently just started driving awareness and we’ve been gaining some very good feedback and following on social media. We still have quite a way to go,” Igbinedion said.

“We only operate in Nigeria at the moment, but there are plans to cover other African countries in the future. As of right now, our main focus is to find out whether our vision of “fostering better leadership” is attainable with this platform or not. There are no concrete plans regarding revenue generation just yet.”


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