Zim crypto exchange Golix allows mobile money deposits, withdrawals


Zimbabwean cryptocurrency exchange Golix has enabled mobile money services for customers who need to deposit and withdraw funds from their Golix wallets using alternatives to bank accounts.

Known as BitFinance until its rebranding last year, Golix has been experiencing steady uptake of its services and is now adding new ways for customers to withdraw and deposit.

Golix customers can now deposit and withdraw money from their Golix wallets using mobile money, with a positive response from customers so far.

“Mobile money seems to be very convenient for our customers, actually most of our customers prefer the service more than bank transfers. Ever since mobile money was introduced there has been a significant change. Mobile money has increased deposits and withdrawals by 90 per cent,” said Golix’s accountant Lloyd Chiyangwa.

Meanwhile, Golix has also introduced instant money deposits to Golix USD wallets, with a new swipe service available to customers who visit the Golix office. They can use a PoS machine to instantly deposit funds into their Golix USD wallets.

“It normally takes at least one working day for a Golix customer to make a bank deposit. The bottleneck is really in the bank transfer system and for Golix one day is not good enough. The ability to make instant deposits via swipe is the first step we’re taking to make all deposits instant,” said Golix chief executive officer (CEO) Tawanda Kembo.


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