Nigerian e-library startup Panacea launches Android app


Nigerian e-library startup Panacea has launched its Android app, which allows users to rent books, search for study mates and create book clubs.

Panacea was launched for author registration and uploads in July of last year, and the startup has now launched the beta version of its Android app.

Its platform accepts research works, textbooks, novels, short stories, theses and professional texts, with all of these books and resources available for rent via the new mobile app.

“Panacea seeks to make learning fun and rewarding by making books more readily accessible to students, researchers and personal development enthusiasts while generating consistent revenue for authors and publishers through a global community of readers,” chief operating officer (COO) Philip Amiola told Disrupt Africa.

“Our books are offered in an encrypted digital format that enhances a great reading experience while preventing piracy and duplication, thus guaranteeing maximum profit for authors and publishers.”

The startup’s aim is to solve the problem of accessibility to and affordability of books and resources, giving users the flexibility to acquire knowledge from the comfort of their homes and offices.

“Our uptake and adoption has been gradual but very steady. We learnt early to release the product to users in modules, according to priority,” Amiola said. “This has worked positively for us so far and has saved us from waiting endlessly until everything is ready. It has also helped us to test the market and make further adjustments based on user feedback.”

Panacea currently has around 150 user registrations on the platform from 5 different countries  within and outside Africa.

“We intend to attract authors and users from Africa and around the world in the coming months, especially African authors and readers,” said Amiola.

The subscription-based platform does offer some free resources, but requires users to pay to access premium books and publications.

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