Nigeria’s Gamsole, Diamond Bank launch financial game for youth


Nigerian gaming startup Gamsole has partnered with Diamond Bank for the launch of a gamified service aimed at educating and engaging the youth on financial services.

In partnership with Women’s World Banking, FSD Africa, Microsoft, Commonwealth and the UK government, Diamond Bank called for tenders from Nigerian game production companies in early 2017, for the creation of a new financial service focused on the young population.

Gamsole won the contract, and has developed Dreamville, a simplified digital financial platform, enabling users to plan their financial future, save, chat, and update their financial knowledge through playing games.

Dreamville helps users to develop healthy savings habits, build a prudent expenditure profile, and understand diverse investment portfolios.  Users can also link their accounts with social media channels and chat with friends.

“By using a gamified platform, we not only drive engagement with youth, but we help these young clients build their financial capabilities and set them up for long-term success,” says Ryan Newton, manager for strategic advisory at Women’s World Banking.

“Users earn points, badges, and rewards for positive financial behaviors such as managing their finances and budgets, setting savings goals, and achieving those goals. They can also participate in championships and tournaments to reinforce these lessons in good banking.”



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