SA’s Wezart launches art subscription service


South African art and fashion marketplace Wezart, which helps African artists and designers sell to the rest of the world via its e-commerce platform, has launched an artwork subscription service.

Launched in 2016, Wezart focuses solely on new-age African identity in fashion and art, allowing Africans to sell their modern contemporary creations as efficiently as possible.

The startup has now rolled out an artwork subscription service, which allows companies and individuals to rent artwork from artists through subscription, rent-to-buy artwork they want to own, and commission portraits.

Wezart claims the service, which rolled out earlier this week, is the first of its kind in South Africa, and empowers artists by allowing them to make a living from their work before it is sold.

“The art industry won’t know what hit it. Companies that want to create an aesthetic for their offices will be able to get access to a network of reputable artists and invest in appreciating,” Wezart said.


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