Nigeria’s Touchabl raises $20k for product development


Port Harcourt-based startup Touchabl, which has developed an app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enable people to search and shop for items in any picture just by touching it, has raised US$20,000 in pre-seed funding from GenesysTechHub to support product development.

Launched last year, the Touchabl app allows a user that sees something they like – such as a shoe, watch or car – in any picture, whether on their timeline in the app or in their phone photo gallery, to simply touch it and receive more information about it.

The funding from GenesysTech Hub will go towards further product development, research and operational expenses towards securing key partnerships and growing Touchabl’s user base.

“Since launching in public beta, we collected some interesting feedback and have significantly modified our technology and value proposition. GenesysTech Hub is providing us with training, mentorship and critical network to position us into becoming a hugely successful business,” said founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Gabriel Eze.

He said receiving funding as a Port Harcourt-based startup working on an AI-related project was a huge achievement for the startup.

“This milestone comes with a lot of perks: recognition, awareness, focus, and validation for angels, VCs, and possibly Touchabl’s next round investors,” said Eze.

Nnamdi Anika, managing director of GenesysTechHub, said the experience and shared passion within the Touchabl team for the emerging machine learning space inspired his firm to invest.

“With our track record and network in the technology space in Nigeria, we want to support them to realise their potential,” he said.


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