Cape Town’s jfGi launches to simplify cryptocurrencies


Cape Town-based startup jfGi has launched operations in a bid to simplify the process of transferring bitcoin and getting involved in cryptocurrencies.

jfGi, which stands for “just for Getting it”, links Twitter usernames to public bitcoin addresses, meaning users no longer need to remember a string of up to 35 alphanumeric characters.

Senders of bitcoin can simply ask for the recipients jfGi link, click on it once it has been shared, and send the money.

“jfGi simplifies and demystifies receiving bitcoin payments for anyone, anywhere on any mobile device in the world with just one click. It really is a case of clicking on an easy to remember link and you’ll be transacting on the bitcoin blockchain,” said Rafiq Phillips, founder of jfGi.

Using only Twitter, crowdsourcing and open source business design principles, the first users – ‘the jfGi 100’ – helped in sharing requests for new features, and sharing the idea of jfGi. With just over 100 users, their jfGi’s have already been clicked over 16,000 times.

“I’m blown away by the various use-cases from schools using jfGi for bitcoin fundraising to twitter users collecting bitcoin tips from their followers. The feedback we’ve received and numbers are testament that consumers were ready for this,” said Phillips.


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